Services & Policies

Why Hire Us ? 

Life Changes Estate Sales, LLC is a full service estate sale company that has held over 165 sales in the Central Texas area. When your sale is put in our hands, your family will realize much more profit than if you handled it yourselves. We feel a tag sale is a more profitable and more personal way of liquidating estates and dispersing of household goods. We have the research experience, organizational skills, staff, following & resources to ensure your needs are met. We provide for complete coordination of the sale by:

  • Providing an experienced, knowledgeable, customer service based staff
  • We come into your home and clean and price every item that we feel can be sold.
  • Performing research on items to set prices accurately
  • Advertising your sale through
    • our extensive contact list of over 3200 via email & postcards
    • on
    • on
    • on our own website
    • on our Facebook page
    • on our Twitter page
    • Local newspaper when applicable
    • Craig’s list
    • Professional signage on sale days
  • Donation of items both before, if need be & after the sale, plus giving you pictures or what was donated & receipts if requested
  • Continued efforts to sell select, higher priced items that may remain after the sale at a 2nd sale or in our Changes Resale Shop
  • We leave you with a clean the house after the sale.

There are no up-front costs to you, the client. Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount realized of your sale; dependent on the quality, quantity, value, & condition of the contents & premise.  Our commission covers the advertising, signs, tables, locking cases, displays, supplies, labor & much more.

Plan a successful sale by scheduling.  First schedule a consultation as early as possible, as we are typically booked out weeks in advance.  Please realize a very well attended & profitable sale requires time to prepare, price & present.  Just as it takes time to prepare a sale, it takes time to wrap up.  Typically it takes 2 days after the sale to ensure all sold items & work oriented goods are removed from the house.

Services – Other Options:

In addition to a full estate sale, we can offer the following options:

Clean out: This is where we go in to your home, apartment, storage unit or garage & just clean it out. WE have been known to bring in 3 trailers – 1 for donation, 1 for recycling center & 1 for items we can resale for you.  Sometimes you can get your place cleaned out for literally NO COST TO YOU after we sell a few things for you at an upcoming sale.

Consignment: This method is an alternative approach for the sale of specific merchandise of your choice. Items that are consigned to us will be offered for sale at our Changes Resales Shop or at one of our upcoming estate sales. These items are usually furniture or collectibles.

Combined Sale: Perhaps you do not have enough articles for a sale or don’t wish to hold a sale. We can combine your furniture & other items with another estate to complete a sale. These items can be transported to a location of an upcoming sale. We treat these items similar to consignments.

Valuation Search: Some people like to conduct their own sales. They would like to obtain guidance about how to perform the task & get some assistance with pricing & values. For an hourly fee, we can meet with you & give you pointers on making your sale successful. We can also identify the more valuable merchandise & suggest avenues to maximize your sales profits.

Set up a garage sale for you: Need help with a garage sale. WE can arrange to bring tables, do the advertising, help staff it or even just help you get it ready for a small fee.

Life Changes Estate Sale Policies at Sale.

  • Cash, Check  & Credit Cards accepted. Sales tax may be applicable.
  • All items sold as is, but we strive to not sell broken items.  Bring it back if it does not work & we told you it did, but generally there are no refunds or exchanges on your purchases.
  • All purchases need to be moved to your vehicle on your own, but we will help as much as possible. Please bring your own help for moving furniture or other heavy objects. We have a hand truck on premise that you may use. Furniture must be removed by noon on Saturday.
  • Not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • All children will need to be accompanied at all times by a parent.
  • We generally do not pre-sale items, but that is up to the discretion of LCES if it will greatly benefit the estate.

Life Changes Estate Sales, LLC is generally comprised of a 3 day sale.  There are situations when a 2 day sale is warranted. Thursday & Friday at full price with (1) 25% coupon applicable if you are on our email list or postcard list;  Saturday at a 50%  discount, half day sale.

Life Changes Estate Sales, LLC will take unsold clothing, shoes, handbags, luggage, & general household goods to a variety of Thrift Stores & donation centers in Central Texas.  Worn towels & blankets go to an animal shelter in our area. Receipts for tax purposes are given to the family.

No need to have a garage sale prior to your estate sale!  Please keep everything – don’t throw anything away until we have a walk through with you.