Collard & Collard Square Grand Piano

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The illustrious Collard & Collard Piano Company was originally established as “Longman & Broderip” in 1767. Longman & Broderip was a music publishing house, but the firm also built a number of pianos and organs.

Collard & Collard Square Grand Piano, circa 1830's

The famous composer and piano virtuoso, Muzio Clementi (whose music was published by Longman & Broderip) invested heavily in the firm, ultimately creating an association with F. W. and W. P. Collard under the name of “Clementi & Company”.

Because of Clementi’s fame and fortune, the firm was very successful and grew at a rapid pace. F. W. Collard was also a mechanical genius, and he was awarded several patents for piano design and construction, and instruments by the firm were a sensation across Europe.

Carved open framework

In the last part of the 18th Century, John Jacob Astor started importing Square Grand Pianos to America from Europe. For the next 100 years, the Square Grand Piano would evolve into a larger, heavier, and more mechanically refined instrument.


Collard & Colard name plate

Square grand pianos were quite popular among wealthy in Europe and America. In fact, more square grands were sold in the 19th century than either “3 Legged Grands” or uprights. These Square Grand Pianos sold for as much as $800 in the mid 19th Century – the cost of a small house!

Collard - Collard Piano 1830's

This particular piano is fashioned of crotch cut walnut, with open-work carving on its top. It is 77 inches wide and 36 inches tall. We are estimating it was built in the early 1830’s, because of its serial number (10652).

There is a handwritten note inside the piano, noting a tuning in 1846.

A square grand piano is much easier to move than a standard grand, because the legs were designed to unscrew from the body.

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