Dorothy Hook Blanco River Estate sale starts Thursday.

This was to be an appointment sale due to the parking situation, but…..The neighbors are going to let us use their yards and driveways. This will be a 3 day sale. Thursday and Friday will be full price and Saturday is half day-half off. (50% off)
Please plan on packing and loading your own, but we always help. Cash, Credit and checks accepted. No un-supervised children. We don’t do numbers. We do phone orders 30 minutes after the doors open if the item you want to purchase is still here. We do not pre-sale unless it is greatly beneficial to the estate.
I will get the address posted on Wednesday evening.  For up to date pictures go to out upcoming sales page!

Here is a list of some of the things being offered at this WONDERFUL sale.

2004 Toyota Corolla – excellent condition – mileage 45425 priced at KBB value of $8767


STERLING SILVER (Not Discounted – excluded from coupon)

  • Sterling Silver tea – coffee set
  •  salt & pepper shakers
  • Spoons
  • Asparagus tongs
  • Goblets – set of 8
  • Francis 1 compote
  • Cigarette box
  • Jiggers
  • Candle holders

Lots, lots, lots of barware & stemware – naked lady bodies shot glasses! They loved to entertain.

Mrs. Hooks kept  pieces of her mother’s furniture such as her bedroom headboard, camel back travel steamer trunk, side and end table and a handmade quilt probably from the late 1800’searly 1900’s.

Etched glass piece especially made for the river house that says “Vox Blanco” – translation “Voice of the Blanco”

Stained Glass pieces (at least 3 to choose from)

2 pieces Hal Malone Story. He & his wife Dee Ann Story were close friends of Dorothy’s and she let them gather wood for his creations from her yard.  The 2 pieces he gave her (and are shown in his book collection) are “Come to Me Darling” 17” made from driftwood & “Rachel” 16” high of Texas Ebony.

Roseville double handled vase and Roseville bowl “Magnolia”

Wicker patio furniture (2 different sets)

Wrought iron patio and outdoor furniture – chair, tables, sets, glass top table, bakers rack, square small tables – at least 20 pieces to choose from

Metal chairs – not reproductions

Professional Char Griller smoker

Chiminea outdoor firepit. There are 2 (1) larger and (1) smaller

Outdoor wooden Swing with stand – heavy duty and a 2nd lighter wood swing that was hanging from a tree

WW2 book of maps of Germany

Matching embossed green oriental floor rugs plus additional other throw rugs from the same period that they lived overseas

Books – a large variety to choose from plus set of Dickens

Camera equipment

“The Last Supper” on copper

ORIENTAL ITEMS from when they were stationed in Japan when he worked with the CIA (how cool is that?)

  • 6 panel lacquered wall screen partition – carved on both sides. 1 side has people and the other side is partridges or some kind of bird and blossoms (THIS PIECE WILL NOT BE ½ OFF)
  • Blue dogs
  • Artwork on silk
  • Pair (Chinese – not Japanese?) matching 2 door lacquered cabinets – possibly wedding chests
  • Figurines
  • Lamps – 2 matching pairs (1) is a pair of porcelain hat stands that were converted into lamps & (2) porcelain on bronze base
  • Champlevé vases – cloisonné
  • Pair FU blue dogs
  • Happy budda’s


Newspapers about JFK assassination

May 2, 1912 newspaper “Leslie’s Weekly” from New York devoted to the sinking of the Titanic.  Describes in the paper some of the following – pictures of some of the distinguished heroes

Magazines – 1940’s – 1970’s – Life, Look, True Confessions – JFK, Elvis, Jackson 5, Raquel Welch, Rolling Stones and much  more – here is a list of a few:

LOOK Magazines:

Hidden Life of Elvis Presley 5/4/71

Bing Crosby’s Story 10/26/48

Wine, Women & Words with Lauren Bacall 7/6/48

How to Spot a Communist – with article by Joe Lewis “My Greatest Fights”

LIFE Magazines:

Disney World Opens 10/15/71

Lucy & Desi Arnez 4/6/53

Super Bowl – Dallas Cowboys 1/14/72

Howard Hughes Affair 2/4/72

JFK – 11/29/63

Ike Returns of Abilene 6/16/52

2 Accused 6/21/68

Raquel Welch on Skates 6/2/72

The Stones are Rolling Again 7/14/72

Michael Jackson The Jackson Five 9/24/72

John Wayne 1/28/72

The Olympics 2/18/72

The Incredible years 1968 1/10/69

Kennedy vs Connally 6/30/72

Nina – Howard Hughes Affair 2/11/72

Rita Gam 9/15/72

Mounted deer head

Tilt top tea table

Oak round dining table with 2 leaves

(2) different antique potty chars with porcelain bowls– 1 that is a full size chair & 1 smaller &lower to the ground

Variety of very nice – eclectic lamps

Ceramic bedpan – antique

Retro velvet chairs – light green wingback, pair mauve, pink dining room chairs, red velvet cushy chair, orange striped with ottoman

Formal dining table and matching chairs

Drop leaf table

Hickok rocking chairs – need a little love but still great!

Antique wash basin dresser

Mahogany sofa couch

Highboy dresser

Wood coffee table with a hint of an oriental flair

Beautiful antique vanity-dresser with mirror

2-3 different styled china or curio cabinet hutches

Twin size pull out sofa-loveseat

Set 4 cane chairs

Iron based sewing machine that has been fitted with a buther block table top – GREAT

Antique large ornate bronze pull chain dinner or wall bell

Antique Scale

Bistro ice cream parlor set I am calling the “Queen of Hearts” because of the red velvet cushioned padding

Camel backed steamer trunk


  • Green Depression glass candle holders
  • Corning ware coffee percolator – blue cornflower pattern
  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Lobster platter and lobster boiling pot
  • Vintage cast iron items – Antique “Arcade Mfg.” Crystal #4 coffee grinder, ice tongs, matchbox holder, votive and others
  • Thumbprint stemware – Ruby-cranberry sherbets, Ruby – cranberry beverages, Yellow or topaz small glasses like juice glasses, blue iridescent beverages.
  • Red anchor hocking? Pitcher – gold colored pitcher
  • Retro enamelware from the 80’s
  • Lots of cut glass and crystal
  • Barware, glassware, dinnerware – LOTS! LOTS! LOTS!
  • Vintage Aunt Jamima brown syrup bottles
  • Green glass Butter dish dated per Dorothy circa 1900
  • Microwave NIB

Daniel Sherrin (1868-1940) British artist – lithograph “Peace/ Perfect Peace”

Various artwork



As usual this is just a sample of the things that are there.  I am also trying to bring in some better jewelry if I get the chance to get to it.  Plus there made be a pair of very large, very wonderful JADE carved figurines coming.  Keep checking back to the website for last minute additions.


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