Nice comment that I wanted to share……..

This made me feel so good about what we do that I wanted to share it….

“Donna I am so pleased with how this all turned out. As for anyone in this situation, it is a difficult task to conquer when you lose your loved ones and are challenged with the parting of your Mother’s and Father’s estate. However, when I met you at my parent’s house that day and speaking with you I felt very comfortable with hiring Life Changes in handling with what I thought was almost an impossible task. Mom being a depreciation baby did not throw anything away. After my sisters and I took weeks to go through all of the items prior to Life Changes coming in, there was still a lot of things to sort through. As you and your team worked and worked on organizing everything, the house became something that I did not imagine. After months of sorrel and sadness, you and your team brought life back into my parent’s house. It was so gratifying to see all of my parents things that they worked so hard for and enjoyed so much being displayed the way it was. I was so proud. I was also impressed on how you researched the items for your pricing, this is something I could not have done. I will recommend Life Changes to anyone in need of an estate sale. I have so enjoyed you and your team.”

Forever thankfulness,

Lanette Lowden

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