TIP: How do you clean the grim from your cast iron cookware?

These are suggestions from an estate sale company group I belong to.  

  • Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. Spray this on baked on grease …let it soak, follow up with a SOS pad.
  • To make it look like new use Red Devil Lye.  The stuff will eat out old pipes. If you let it soak for 24 it will make the pan look like new.  It takes everything  off the iron including rust and grease.
  • Soak in really hot water and Dawn detergent then put on a burner or in the oven to dry.
  • Spray PAM on them and put in a self-clean over.  Everything turns to ash on it.  Run that exhaust fan!

I have not  tried these yet, but need to. Let me know when or if you ever get to any of these and which worked the best for you!

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