Whether it’s due to the death of a loved one or any one of the other three D’s (Downsizing, Debt or Divorce) or even a major move or relocation, the most important thing you need to know when having an estate sale is:

WILL MY ESTATE SALE MAKE ANY MONEY? Yes, that’s the truth. You want a professional estate sale company to come in and help you make money.  That’s why you called an estate sales company instead of trying to do it yourself. Helping you during a tough time and showing you compassion are part of the job, many estate sale companies promise and deliver that. We do too. We just know that’s not what is most important to you and you expect that anyway.

WE CAN HELP YOU. We have helped dozens and dozens of families have less stress during a very emotional time. But your first objective (and ours) is to make the most revenue from the contents of your estate as possible. That is the most caring thing we can do for you. Get you the highest return from a lifetime’s worth of items.

IF WE CAN’T ENSURE YOU GOOD PROCEEDS FROM AN ESTATE SALE WE TELL YOU. IT’S JUST OUR POLICY TO BE HONEST. We will tell you up front if we don’t think having an estate sale is worthwhile. Sometimes it isn’t. There is a lot of work that goes into having a successful estate sale and if we can’t help you make a decent profit, we’ll recommend other options like a Full Clean Out, Consigning, or adding consignments into your sale, or preparing the estate contents for donation to charity.

If your estate sale won’t make much money we know, from experience, that telling you this upfront can save you time, stress and even money.  An unsuccessful sale outcome still leaves you needing a clean out or trying to make a large donation of contents, which can be more costly and time consuming after the fact. 

EACH SITUATION IS UNIQUE, WE CAN GUIDE YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Our care starts with helping you understand what to expect as far as whether the sale is worthwhile during the initial consultation in the home. We won’t humor you and set you up for the disappointment of a lackluster sale. You will get an honest and compassionate assessment of your unique situation. No matter the reason you need to have an Estate Sale we will always be caring, professional and honest.  We know each situation is unique, we know letting go of items is often hard, we know your idea of your estate value may be different from real world value and we know you want a good profit. Let us help you sort through it all.

Modified text from http://www.aaronsestatesales.com

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