Everett Console Piano for Sale

Everett Console Piano for sale

Everett Console Piano For Sale - Walnut Exterior

This beautiful American Walnut piano is being sold because the owner must downsize for moving. She has loved and played this instrument for more than 60 years, and has asked Life Changes to help her find a new home for it, where it will be useful, appreciated, and yes, loved.

A console piano is not as tall as an upright grand, so it fits more easily into most decorating schemes. It’s an attractive piece of furniture, too, and comes with a matching standard piano bench.

The Everett Piano Company is one of the oldest and most respected piano manufacturers in the USA. They began producing high quality pianos in Boston in 1883. The firm moved its facilities to South Haven, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan, in 1926. They have most recently been a part of the Yamaha Corporation, another company known for finely made instruments.

Piano Technician Notes

This piano has been well maintained

Hammers and felt in good shape

Hammers and felt in good shape

The keyboard, pedals, hammers, leathers, and felts are all in fine shape, and you can see from the piano technicians’ notes inside that it has been lovingly maintained over the years.

Keyboard in Excellent Condition

The Keyboard is in Excellent Condition

Nice carving detail on the legs

Nice carving detail on the legs

I could see no damage whatsoever to the walnut exterior. There is nice carved detailing on the legs and the music stand, and the finish is in excellent shape.

Balanced Tension Back

Balanced Tension Back

The owner’s mother bought it for her in 1951, and she has played it regularly until an injury to her hand forced her to stop several years ago.

Walnut Console Piano Lid Closed

Walnut Console Piano

To make an appointment to see and try out this piano, please call Donna at 512-847-1645.

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