Handmade Silver Haynes Flute for Sale

We have a new client who needs to downsize for moving, and she asked us to find new homes for her beloved musical instruments.

Sterling Haynes closed hole style flute

Wm S Haynes trademark

Wm S Haynes trademark

Her solid silver Haynes flute was hand crafted in 1951 by the Wm. S. Haynes Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

It has been well-maintained and taken care of over the years, and was played regularly until she injured her hand several years ago.

pads in good shape

Pads were replaced recently

Only a short time before her injury, she had the pads replaced. So even though they are slightly discolored, they are in great shape.

Beautiful handmade 1951 Haynes flute

Beautiful handmade Haynes flute

Haynes is one of the most popular flutes in the world for professional musicians and discriminating amateurs. This flute is the closed-hole style, and will be easier for small hands than the open hole style.

The Haynes Flute mfg by Wm S Haynes Co, Boston, Mass

Label inside Haynes Flute case

In addition to the standard leather flute case, there is also a zippered, canvas “travel case” that protects the leather hard case.

Haynes silver flute serial number 21480

Haynes flute serial number 21480

The serial number is 21480. More information on Haynes flutes may be found on their website – www.wmshaynes.com.

Please make an appointment to see this instrument by calling Donna at 512-847-1645.

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